Common Dating Mistakes Men and Women Make

You’ve probably been on a date before but the guy didn’t ask you out on another date or the girl you dated declined to go out with you again. You probably asked yourself what went wrong after that last date. It might be that you and your date just don’t have enough in common, but it may also be that you just didn’t hit it off as well as you thought on your first date. If you find yourself in a date with someone that you really like, then you’re probably planning on the next date. So, it’s essential that you don’t do anything that will turn off your date. Be wary of committing these common dating mistakes:

Talking about an ex during a first date

This is a definite no-no when it comes to dating. Nobody wants to hear how bad your past relationship was or how your partner cheated on you and left you in the dust. Your date wouldn’t want to hear about your trauma or your emotional baggage. Keep in mind that going into the world of dating means that you’re ready to leave your past behind. Steer clear of talking about your past relationships because if you keep talking about your ex, your date may get the idea that you’re not over him or her yet.

Constantly talking about work

You may love your job or hate it, but you don’t have to talk about it during your dates. This may just turn your date off. If your date asks about your job, you can give an overview on what you do and whether you enjoy it or would like to pursue another career. Don’t go into the details of your work, especially if it’s all technical jargon that your date won’t understand.

Showing insecurity

People tend to get turned off by insecurity. If you’re going on a date, appear confident and self-assured. Don’t appear to be fishing for compliments and don’t trash-talk anyone in front of your date. When you say bad things about other people, you only tend to seem insecure about yourself and insensitive to other people.

Looking for sympathy

When you’re on a date, refrain from talking about your personal problems. Don’t look for sympathy from your date. Keep in mind that a date is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If you find yourself thinking about your problems and feeling sad, think positively and just focus on what your date is saying. In case the conversation halts, start a conversation about safe topics that will surely keep the two of you talking.

The key to making dates work is to make sure that you don’t come off as someone who isn’t ready to date or have a relationship yet. Don’t be too self-absorbed and keep in mind that you have to make your date feel that you’re interested in him or her. Keep the conversation light and the date fun, and you might find yourself going on dates more often, and eventually settling into a steady relationship.

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Impress Your Date

First dates can have you feeling jittery and uneasy, but also eager and excited. It’s only natural that you would want to impart a good impression because first dates can always lead to something more in case things go well. The impressions you impart during the first date will set the tone on whether the two of you can eventually enter into a steady relationship.

What to do when preparing for a date

It all starts while you’re preparing to go on a date. Make sure that you groom yourself well because this is an indication that you want to look good for your date. You also need to wear something flattering but comfortable. Consider the place you’re going to and the activities you’ve planned for your date. It’s important for you to be comfortable in what you’re wearing because, if you’re not, it can affect your mood and give off the impression that you’re not confident or interested enough in your date.

Dos and donts regarding first dates

Do appear interested in your date. Keep eye contact and maintain good body posture. While your date is talking, wait for him or her to finish before you start speaking.

Don’t hesitate to give your date your full attention. Listen when your partner is speaking and let your opinions be known.

Do remember what your date says and what stories you tell. Make it a point to remember the things your date likes so that you can file these away in your brain and label them as “romantic things to do” should your first date lead to future dates.

Don’t keep on repeating one story or focus on just one topic while you’re on a date. If you see your date’s eyes glaze over or if he or she keeps on glancing at the clock, chances are you need to switch to another topic and be more interesting.

Do ask about your date’s friends and family. These are the people that he or she spends so much time with. This topic will make your date happy to share some things that just might come in handy in case you reach that stage when you’re going to be introduced to friends and family members. If your date mentions divorce or dysfunction, subtly veer away from the topic.

Don’t ask about past relationships or bring up your own. Keep in mind that conversation should be kept apart from your exes when on a date. When you say negative things about your ex, you’ll come off as bitter. If you keep on saying positive things about your ex, your date might think you’re not over your ex yet.

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Breaking the Ice: Conversation Topics for First Dates

Going on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. It’s important that you stay relaxed and not be stressed too much about what to do during that first date because you may end up being anxious and antsy. One of the things that people often think about before they go on a first date is how they can keep the conversation going. The key here is to keep the conversation light. Avoid sensitive topics such as past relationships and exes because these are too personal for a first date. If you have a hard time thinking of conversation topics, below are just some ideas that can keep you and your date talking and having a good time getting to know each other.


Talking about your hobbies and asking your date about what he or she does to pass the time away is a great ice breaker. This will let you know whether your date loves spending time just watching television or prefers the outdoors. Knowing about your date’s hobbies will help you see if the two of you have enough in common to keep a relationship going for a long time.


People typically have a love for traveling or wish to go to different places. Talking about vacations or places your date wants to go to someday is a great way to keep the conversation going. The preferences of an individual when it comes to traveling, such as whether he or she prefers staying in a simple bed and breakfast as opposed to a luxurious hotel, can give you insights about your date’s character and personality.

Childhood memories

Many people agree that thinking about their childhood brings back fond memories. You can even ask about your date’s childhood dreams and silly wishes. It would also be good to talk about what things remind you of your childhood, such as whether seeing crayons and paints make you reminisce about the good old times.

Friends and family

Ask your date about friends and family. Since these people are vital in your date’s life, it’s only natural that you’d like to know more about them and how they spend their times together. Take note of what your date says so that you can use this information when you finally get the chance to meet your partner’s family members and friends. You should also keep in mind that if there’s anything that your date doesn’t want to talk about, don’t push it.

Books, music, and movies

Books, movies, and music are topics that usually come up on the first date. Because people differ in their preferences for these things, talking about what they like or don’t like can give you ideas on what to do on your next date. For example, if your date hates horror movies, then you’d know not to pick that kind of movie when you go to the cinema together. Just let the talking flow naturally and you may find yourself surprised when you realize that you don’t want the day to end just yet.

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What to Do on Your First Date

Most people have a bittersweet feeling about going out on first dates; they feel excited and nervous at the same time. You’re most likely thinking about how you’re going to present yourself to make a good impression on your date. Perhaps you’re wondering about how the date will turn out and whether you’re going to have a good time or not. It’s only natural to worry and think about these things, but you have to keep in mind that when you prepare for a first date, you’re not on trial. Below are just some dating tips that may help make your first date go smoothly.

Before the date

Take your time to make yourself as attractive as possible, but don’t overdo it. Take into consideration the place you’re going to and the dating activities you’re going to do when choosing your outfit. You should also make sure that you’re going to be comfortable in what you’re wearing because you certainly wouldn’t want to spend your first date thinking that you should have worn something else.

During the date

Just relax and be yourself. Don’t be too eager to please and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just for your date. Focus on getting to know your date and enjoying his or her company.

Be aware of your posture and other body language. Sit up straight and listen to what your date is saying. Maintain eye contact and smile or laugh when your date cracks a joke.

Practice table manners. Although you should be yourself, it’s still important that you make a good impression during a first date. Don’t talk while your mouth is full and don’t sample your date’s food without asking for permission first.

It’s important that you pay attention to your date. If you’re having a great time and you think the date may lead to another, remembering the things that your date says might come in handy in your second date. Your date will surely appreciate it when you remember the things that he or she likes and then give or do these things as a surprise later on when you’ve already gone steady.

Treat other people with courtesy. Your date will also be observing the way you treat others.

Don’t push your date into becoming physically intimate. When both of you have gotten to know each other well enough, you’ll know when initiating or responding to an attempt at physical intimacy is right.

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Options for Wonderful but Budget-friendly Dates

So you’ve asked someone out and you don’t know where to take your date because you’re strapped for cash? Well, you don’t have to spend much to have a great time with your date. Many people think that going on a budget-friendly date counts as a dating mistake, but this is a misconception that you most certainly don’t have to believe. Below are some dating advice and options that can help you if you want to go on affordable but fun dates.

First, you have to do some research. It’s important that you know what kinds of things your date is interested in. This way, you can plan to go to some places or do activities that both of you will like. If your date is someone who loves art and history, then you might want to consider going to the museum. In case the two of you love the outdoors, then going on a hike or simply taking a walk together through a park may be the perfect date. Below are just some ideas for affordable dates.

Go on a picnic

Find a place that has a wonderful scenery. This spot can be near a large body of water, or you can just go to the park. As for the food you’ll bring, pack your picnic basket with the essentials – bread, some fresh fruit, and wine or soda (in case your date doesn’t drink). Bring water and chips too if you want.

Visit an art gallery

Most art galleries designate one day of the week in which the entrance fee is discounted or free. Take advantage of this and stroll through the halls with your date, discussing art and appreciating the paintings and artworks displayed.

Spend time stargazing

Many colleges and even some high schools have an observatory. If your date likes nature and appreciates looking at stars on a cloudless night, then going stargazing can be just the kind of romantic date your date would appreciate.

Go to the local community theater

Tickets to productions of local community theaters are often inexpensive. In case both of you happen to dislike the show, then at least you will have something to talk about afterward, and maybe even discuss what would make the show more interesting.

Stroll through a nature sanctuary

If you and your date are both nature lovers, then a date at a nature sanctuary can be one that will be memorable for both of you. You can even have a picnic there or just enjoy the scenery.

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Tips for Dating Success

Perhaps you’re ready to jump right into the world of dating because you want to know how dating feels. Or maybe you’ve taken a break from dating because of a failed relationship and now you want to take a chance at finding someone special again. Whatever your reason may be, you have to know about the rules of dating so you won’t have to keep on wondering whether you’re doing the right thing or not. Below are just some of the rules and date tips that you have to keep in mind.

Love yourself

It’s important that you love yourself by ensuring that you are indeed ready to date before you take the plunge into the dating world. You should have a high self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. Having these will make it easier for you to stand up for what you believe in and leave when you’re being treated harshly in a relationship. Not only that, but insecurity is a huge turn off.

Keep communication lines clear

Dating isn’t just about having fun dates or finding romantic things to do with each other. What makes relationships last is communication. Keep in mind that it’s important to communicate well and clearly with your partner because doing so fosters love and intimacy. Communication is important for you two to go forward through life together.

Make every date fun

Find things that the two of you can do and enjoy together. You can even try new things or go to places both of you haven’t been to before. Keeping dates fun is a great way for you to get to know each other and stay attracted to each other when the initial novelty begins to wear off.

Know how to compromise

In case you and your date have progressed to that stage in which you’re in a steady relationship already, you have to know how to compromise during tough times. Talk about issues that the two of you have. Be aware of how your partner feels and listen to what he or she has to say. Compromise when necessary because it’s important for both of you to find a middle ground and come up with a win-win scenario.

Nurture your relationship

All dating relationships need nurturing to thrive and develop. Let your partner know that you appreciate and respect him or her. Show kindness and make it a point to let your partner feel that you cherish and value him or her.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Date

So you finally got the person you like to say yes to a date. You’re probably ecstatic about that, but you’ve also probably realized that it isn’t the hard part. You still have to come up with fun date ideas and do your best to plan a perfect date.

Knowledge is indeed power

If you don’t know much about the person, then it’s best to play it safe by going with tried-and-tested dating ideas. Pick a nice coffee shop and get to know your date over some sandwiches and lattes. This way, you can gauge whether the two of you would hit it off well enough to go on more dates. If you don’t like the way the date goes, then you can just leave it at that.

If you’ve already been out with the person before or if you already have an idea about what your date likes and dislikes, then it would be easier for you to plan a date. Take into consideration the person’s likes while at the same time making sure that the date will be one that both of you will enjoy. If you know that your date loves hiking but you’d rather have your teeth drilled instead of trekking long distances, then don’t organize a hiking trip. After all, both of you should have fun during the date.

Make the necessary preparations

Once you’ve already decided on where you’re going to go and what activities you’re going to do, you then have to make the necessary preparations so that your date goes smoothly. If, for example, your date happens to love sports and you’ve decided to watch a ball game with him or her, make sure that you get tickets to the game in advance. Check whether there are still available tickets and if there are, call your date and ask if he or she is amenable to your plan. If not, then perhaps you could think of another activity or just move the date to another date if your date’s schedule is the problem.

Don’t just focus on the activity

When preparing for a date, it’s only natural that you spend time thinking about where to go and what you two are going to do. But you also have to think about how you’re going to act during the date. The key here is to focus on getting to know your date better and enjoying the time that you have together. Be interested in what your date has to say and make yourself interesting as well. After all, your attitude can spell the difference between a perfect date and a horrible one.

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Dating Safely

Going on dates is still one of the best ways to find that potential life partner. There’s always a possibility that the person you’re going to date is going to be someone you like enough to enter into a relationship with. Although dating can be fun and romantic, not all dates turn out to go well. You may be thinking that you’re in for a perfect date, only to wind up feeling sorry that you agreed to go out with this person. If you’re going on a blind date or with a person that you don’t know much about, then it’s best to take precautions.

Choose public places for meeting up

When choosing meeting places, pick a place where there’s sure to be lots of people. It’s also more advisable to go out on daytime rather than nighttime. In case your date invites you to another place, make sure you know where you’re going. Ideally, you should have your own transportation so you won’t have to go with a person you barely know. But if it can’t be helped and your date has a car, take note of the plate number and let a friend know this information.

Let somebody else know where you are

Bring your mobile phone with you. It would also be good for you to ask a friend to call you during a date. This can be a good way for you to get out of the date if the person you’re dating turns out to be scary. If you get invited back to your date’s apartment and you don’t want to go, say no. If you’re not comfortable anymore, just hail a cab and go home, but make sure that your date isn’t following you.

Don’t drink alcoholic beverages

Be wary of your date if he’s constantly trying to buy you a drink or if he insists on getting you more drinks even though you already said that you’ve had enough. This may be a sign that he’s trying to inhibit your judgment. If you’re not careful, you may wind up being taken advantage of later on. A glass of wine is fine, but don’t gulp down much more than that.

Bring extra cash with you

It’s always best to have extra cash with you. For one, you can pay your share because doing so will make you feel that you aren’t under any kind of obligation. Extra cash is also handy for when you need to ride a cab to get a ride home.

Trust your gut feel

If your intuition tells you that something is wrong, then you’re probably right. If things seem to be taking a turn for the worse, don’t be afraid to leave. After all, your safety is more important and you must dwell on this rather than feel bad that a date didn’t work out the way you hoped it would.

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Dating Ideas for Couples

So you’ve already gone way past the getting-to-know-each-other phase. By now you’re already comfortable with each other, and you know what makes each other tick. But if you’ve already gotten caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, don’t you think it’s time to rekindle the sparks and think of some romantic date ideas to keep the romance alive in your relationship? After all, dates are not just for those who are just trying to see if they’re meant to be in a relationship. Dates are also for couples who want to rediscover and enjoy each other even after a long time of being together.

Devote a day for your date

If both of you are always busy, then there’s even more of a need to go on a date because you probably don’t get to do fun and romantic things together anymore as much as you did when you started out as a couple. Take the time to clear your calendar and talk about who is doing the organizing and what needs to be done. You can go out and have a picnic at the park, or watch a production at the local community theater.

Have a fun night out

Having dinner and seeing a movie on a date may seem cliche, but this formula works. You just have to know how to make the most out of it. Pick a movie that both of you will enjoy, then make sure that you sit side by side at a restaurant so that dinner will be more intimate. You might even consider doing something different such as stargazing together or going to a restaurant with a dance floor or karaoke bar so the two of you can dance and sing the night away.

Freeze memories in photographs

Grab a camera and ask people to take your photo at different times during your day or night out. You can even kiss or hug in some of the shots, or simply smile while looking into the camera or into each other’s eyes. You can then make a scrapbook out of the photos you like the most, or make a slide show that you can look at from time to time to remind you of the good times you’ve had together.

Reminisce, reconnect, relive

Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about what happened during your first date with your partner. Doing this may even help you remember memories that you’ve long ago forgotten. You can even talk about how you felt during that day and what your thoughts were as the date started and ended. These perfect dating activities can also be a good way to remind yourself and your partner that even though you’ve both come far, you can still learn a lot about yourselves and your relationship.

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Blind Date: What to Do to Make it Go Perfectly

Going on a blind date will most likely have you thinking and wondering about lots of things. You’re probably thinking of how you’re going to act and what you’re going to do during the date. You probably have lots of questions in your mind, such as how your date will look and act and whether you’ll like him or her. Just remember that you don’t have to fret about every little detail. After all, you’re just going on a date to see if you’re going to get along well with your partner. If not, then you can just look at it as a learning experience.

Observe your date

Study the behavior of your date. Doing so will reveal useful information about your date. Just by observing him or her, you can see if he or she is your type, as well as if the two of you are likely to go out again.

Start a conversation

Actions, including facial expressions and body language, can tell you much about a person. However, the point of a blind date is to get to know the person well and you can do this by striking up a conversation and keeping it light. Ask about your date’s personal preferences such as what movies and books he or she prefers. This can even help you determine what you have in common and what activities both of you would enjoy.

Be interested in what your date has to say

Remember that it’s important to keep eye contact and maintain good posture. Appear interested by listening and nodding at appropriate times. You may even ask some follow-up questions to let your date know that you’re interested in what he or she is talking about. When you’re on a date, it’s important to devote your full attention to your partner.

Let your date know more about you

Although it’s important to listen and be interested in your date, you also have to let your date know more about you. When you’re talking about something, make your opinion known. However, it’s important that you know what you’re talking about because you shouldn’t pretend to be someone you’re not just to please your date. You can never tell if your date is an expert on the topic of your conversation.

Be confident

It’s true that there are dating rules that people follow in the hopes of having a perfect date, and eventually a perfect match. For example, it would be good not to open up about past relationships or emotional traumas. You should also know how to be yourself and exude confidence. After all, if your date is going to progress into something more such as a steady relationship, then your partner will eventually find out who you really are.

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